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Custom garments

The Paolini Garment Company takes pride in delivering the best – in fit, fabric and personalized details. We create garments completely custom-tailored for you, working with 18 different measurements for the perfect fit.

Our fabrics come from the finest fabric mills around the world, including Italy, England and Australia from Ermenegildo Zegna, Vitale Barberis Canonico and Dormeuil.

Make it yours

Every detail is determined by you – the fabric, the width of the lapel, the type of trousers, the jacket lining … even whether you prefer straight, slanted or ticket pockets.

Elevate our classic, custom suit with any of these distinctive options:

  • Half- and full-canvassed (rather than glue-fused)
  • Picked stitching
  • Surgeon’s cuffs (working buttonholes)
  • Rubberized waistband
  • Hem/heel protector on trousers
  • Fabric sweat shields
  • Bemberg lining
  • Horn, genuine Trocas Shell or Erea buttons

Meet the team


                  Elodie Auvray / Shena Evans / Tom Paolini / Kyle Doherty / Annie Stopulos

Tom Paolini

Tom Paolini came to the garment business with the powerful combination of his family’s pedigree in the clothing industry and his experience working in business development and sales management for multiple Fortune 500 companies. He has focused on building a clothing brand that stands for quality and customer service and bringing enjoyment back to the experience of fine tailored clothing.

His sister company, The Style League, was founded in early 2009 and has created custom suits and shirts for clientele across the United States and Canada ever since. The Style League has outfitted an impressive crowd, such as established, influential businessmen; young, up-and-coming leaders; and coaches and athletes from the NCAA, NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS–including co-designing and making the team suits for Sporting Kansas City.

Notable achievements and associations

  • Custom Tailors & Designers Association (CTDA)–Member
  • Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce–Member
  • Centurions Leadership Program (KC Chamber of Commerce)–Graduate, 2008
  • Kauffman Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership FastTrac Program–Graduate, 2009



Shena Evans

Shena Evans is a wife, mom and has a passion for fashion. She has been working at Paolini Garment Company for five years as a chief of staff. With over four years of experience managing in the fashion industry, Shena is also a stylist assistant that has brought a positive energy while focusing on achieving daily and monthly goals.

Shena Evans earned a bachelor degree in textiles and apparel management with an emphasis in marketing and merchandising from the University of Missouri Columbia.

In addition to her project management work, Shena is also involved in arts and culture, animal welfare, and disaster and humanitarian relief. She loves baking, hiking and shopping.



Kyle Doherty

Kyle brings 10+ years experience in the garment industry to Paolini Garment Co., pairing his manufacturing of leather goods & designing wardrobes for clients, which makes him a great addition to Paolini Garment Co.

Kyle has spent extensive time in Europe learning about the manufacturing process as well as both the classic and new trends of the garment industry. He pairs his knowledge and experience in business development and his passion for the industry to provide an enjoyable and ultimately satisfying one-of-a kind experience to his clients.



Annie Stopulos

Annie Stopulos comes to Paolini Garment Company with a background in fashion and sales. Originally hailing from Iowa then receiving her degree from the University of Kansas, Annie spent the last 5 years in Los Angeles. In August of 2014, Trunk Club (a Nordstrom owned personal styling company) opened its first storefront in Culver City. It was an opportunity for Annie to make her love of fashion into a career. After three months of custom training where she learned about fabrics, measurements, fits, and styles, she shifted her focus from casual menswear styling exclusively to custom apparel. “I saw what a well-fitting suit could do for a man and his confidence. When you are that passionate and excited about something it shines through to your clients. They share your enthusiasm and that is the best feeling in the world.”




Each garment is crafted with just the right balance of classic style,
custom details and perfect fit. Here are some examples of the
custom-tailored looks we can create from our current collection.

paoliniPaolini Custom “Imperial” Make

As we continue to offer more exotic, rare and luxurious fabrics including Scabal, Zegna, Ariston and Loro Piana, the make of your custom garment has to match the level of the textiles. We invite you to try our Imperial custom suit for the absolute best custom experience.

The Imperial experience starts with the full measurement and design session.

Your fitting follow in 3-4 weeks with a basted try-on, which is a raw garment (made from a lesser quality cloth) with no pockets, button-holes or lining which allows us to fine tune and perfect your fit, from sleeve length to button position, to gorge line and lapel width.

The finished garment return 3-4 weeks for the second fitting and any final tailoring.

Paolini Garment maintains your custom pattern based on the final fitting and maintained for our records for future garments.

Inquire for pricing.


bBolt-End Special

We hand-selected the last remaining bolt-end fabrics from various bolts of “Snowflake” wool and wool/cashmere.

We stock a handful of different patterns and color stories, and with it being a bolt-end, only one to two garments can be made from these fabrics for a truly unique custom look.

Special custom bolt-end sport-coat pricing: $995 (retail $1500)

Once they are gone, they are gone !


cAmerica X 3

USA Clothier+USA Fabric+USA Made

We are pleased to announce we are now offering fabrics from the USA mill: American Woolens.

Warren Mills is the manufacturing headquarters of American Woolen Company and is the only domestic mill capable of producing the highest quality of both worsted and woolen cloth and offer the finest natural fiber keeping with our rich brand heritage. AW has developed cloth collections that are 100% American.

Texas, Wyoming and Colorado sourced fleece is spun into the finest yarns and then woven and finished in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. The collections reaffirm American Woolen’s commitment to provenance, quality and craft.

Custom Paolini USA suiting starts at $1695


Menswear Review of the Golden Globes Red Carpet on Kansas City Live


We tackled the first red carpet of the season and joined our friends on NBC Action News’ Kansas City Live to discuss the men’s and women’s fashions of the evening.

Considering a new black tie look and want to know what’s trending? Here’s a sample of the research from the Paolini team about lapels:

Email us to find out what other menswear black tie trends we’ve uncovered.

Look for us on KC Live on 10AM for our upcoming Red Carpet Reviews: Grammy Awards on 2/15/16 OSCARS on 2/28/16




Aurelien Collin and Tom Paolini had their first meeting in 2010 when Mr. Paolini was selected to design and make custom suits for the Sporting Kansas City players, coaches and owners to wear on game day and for special events. It was apparent early on for Tom, Aurelien had a passion and more than a slight interest and awareness for fashion. During his fitting, Aurelien selected the details for his suit with care, most importantly the fit: tapered sleeve, pegged trousers cut just above his shoes.

Fast forward to the 2011 when, in the Field Club after a game, Tom approached Aurelien to offer a compliment on the patent leather shoes he was wearing, and to talk more about the appreciation of style and the fashion courses Aurelien was taking remotely in Paris. Tom recommended they talk about how Aurelien could show his tailoring skills and put his fashion knowledge to work.

After many cappuccinos, lunches and the occasional glass of wine, they decided the best way for them to bridge the worlds of professional soccer and fashion – and in the spirit of Kansas City’s focus on philanthropy – was to direct their project towards a non-profit in the arts. They concluded that their collaboration would be to put together a one-of-a-kind experience for a charity auction and they both gravitated towards the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Conservatory of Music and Dance’s “Crescendo” event at the Kaufman Center for the Performing Arts. Aurelien would design a custom suit that was donated by Tom and include tickets to a Sporting Kansas City game with a tour of Sporting Park by #78 himself.

Their first collaboration provided great results with the unique auction item generating a handsome donation for the Crescendo event and the eventual winner, an award-winning Kansas City architect, having a stunning new look and experience to share. That success coupled with the passion for updating the menswear available in Kansas City (and across the U.S.) inspired them to find more ways to continue their partnership.

Aurelien debuted his first suit design (for his own closet) during the nationally televised MLS 36 on NBCSports in early July of 2013. The suit being a single breasted, 2-button, 2 ½” notch lapel, ultra-slim fit, Prince of Whales plaid pattern suit with what Aurelien calls “clear blue” (and what Tom refers to as “sky blue” lining). During this taping, the President and Co-Owner of Sporting Kansas City tapped Aurelien to design a suit for the upcoming MLS All-Star game being hosted in Kansas City, with their goal to have the President as the best-dressed of all the GM’s in town for the festivities.

Currently, the duo is attacking their latest project, which will be their most ambitious yet; a fashion show during the MLS All-Star Week at the Power & Light District in front of thousands there to participate in the festivities. They are collaborating, with Aurelien as the designer and and Tom as creative advisor and suit maker, to design and make over 20 looks to be modeled off by fellow Sporting Kansas City players, as well as the two men themselves.


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